Jury Members

Ashok B Lall

Principal at Ashok B Lall Architects

ENS contributor, Policy influencer, Architect

Committed to an architectural practice based on the principles of environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Mili Majumdar

Managing Director, GBCI India 

Senior Vice President, USGBC 

Member of the Board of Directors, GBPN

Policy influencer, Building technologies specialist

Mili Majumdar has worked in areas of green buildings, climate-resilient housing, city planning, and urban transportation. She led a team of professionals to develop a portfolio of green rating systems for habitats that is widely accepted in India.

Dr. Harikumar Ramdas

Director, Energy Management Center, Kerala

Policy maker and Implementer, Technocrat

Energy efficiency and renewable energy expert, 
responsible for implementation of the provisions  
of the Energy Conservation Act 2001 including  
ECBC in the state of Kerala.
Dr. Hariharan Chandrashekar

Founder, Alt.Tech Foundation

Builder, Innovator, Eco-investor, Mentor

Dr. Hariharan Chandrashekar is an economist who turned to business. He has presided over projects on water, energy and green buildings for over 25 years. He founded Biodiversity Conservation India, known more popularly as the ZED group for its ‘zero energy development’ homes.

Prasad Vaidya

Director, Solar Decathlon India

Senior Advisor, IIHS

Net-zero building specialist, Educator

Prasad Vaidya is a LEED fellow. He is a professional with a demonstrated history of working in energy and environment industry. He is skilled in Teaching, Mentoring, Research, Communications, Integrated Design and Business Development.

Top 3 Teams

Mainstreaming Engineered Bamboo

Bamboo - a super-material that grows 3x faster than trees and captures 6x the carbon can also rejuvenate depleted lands. Adapting bamboo for facades and structural components in India will open an entirely new market for this material. The project requires government to assist it in large scale plantings on degraded lands.

Vidya Bhamidi, Artison Agrotech

Engineered bamboo as a construction material

GreenTree Global

The project will automate ENS certification with a friendly website to help support rapid building growth in Lucknow. The team is experienced in both ENS and website development and will greatly speed up and simplify the ENS implementation. They require support to deploy and offer the tool.

Suparna Havelia, Anurag Bajpai, Raj Verma, Pradeep Kumar

Enforce ENS with low-tech design tests


A design tool optimises house design for energy use. It was used to build a low carbon home that has recorded 20 years of energy demand data at 10% of its (conventional) neighbour homes. This tool will be provided as a free website with the support and promotion of governments.

Prof. (Dr) Chitrarekha Kabre, Kalpana Tyagi,

Sakshi Singhal

Demonstration house as example for builders